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My name is Mehetabel Chidumo and I’m a 17 year old currently studying English Literature, English Language and History at A levels ; as well as core maths and the addition of an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Earlier this year on January 18th 2020, I successfully planned and led a homelessness project in order to bring hope to those experiencing harrowing situations in their lives. With the aid of friends, we packaged 24 drawstring bags (for durability and reusability) with everyday items such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, hand sanitizer, plasters, tissues, wipes, sanitary pads for women, lip balm, 5L water bottles, emergency thermal blankets and 2.5kg packets of dog food as part of the packs of items we generally forget homeless people need on a daily basis. Conclusively, each homeless pack was donated to The Hope Centre - an anti-poverty charity that works to provide basic needs and support for those struck with poverty and homelessness voluntarily and I’m exceedingly grateful for The Burns Price Foundation for granting me £200 in order to fund this communal project.

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